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Did you know...

Quantum Mold & Engineering can ship parts world wide with a 2 day UPS/FedEx Lead time.

Quantum’s molding facility can provide injection molded prototype parts, low volume production parts and multicavity high volume production parts, whether your needs are 5 pieces or 50,000 pieces per year.

Quantum produces parts in-house while utilizing injection mold machines up to 400 tons.  Our expertise includes insert moldings, Class A surface and full-color match parts. We can run virtually any thermoplastic in a wide range of resins to meet your needs, with particular attention to the specific requirements of the medical field.

The team efforts of our molding facility and mold making facility enable us to give customers cost-efficient engineering changes and molds capable of running multiple part variations.

Prototype Sampling: Flexible capacity for samplings and short runs with a wide range of resin options

Quick Turn Spot Buys: Fast capacity for production runs and re-orders that are dictated by unpredictable demand

Production Tool Verification: In-house processing and sampling to optimize production tools completed before a mold arrives at your facility

Low Volume Production: Specializing in production systems and processes applied to short runs
Service Part Production Molding: Solutions for parts orders and out-of-production items