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Production Tooling

Did you know...

Quantum Mold & Engineering can ship parts world wide with a 2 day UPS/FedEx Lead time.

Quantum can handle your unique requirements that will exceed your expectations and suit your most demanding specifications for performance and reliability. We have the experience as a global supplier to larger OEMs for providing high-quality production tooling to Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients.

Our 1-2 cavity production tools are an excellent choice for your low volume production needs. With the ability to transfer the mold or run it at Quantum, this option offers you speed, flexibility and standard production tooling processes. We will follow your design specifications to create and customize a production mold to fit your standards and meet your demands.

The final step toward production is a unique tooling solution for clients needing the speed of a prototype tool with the quality of a production mold. Bridge tools are made with a variety of material and design options to help you test your product and then enter the market while your high cavity production tool is under construction.

Production Molds/Bridge Tooling

  • Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel
  • S-7 Steel, P-20 Steel, H-13 Steel
  • Standard/Metric, Class A Texture/Mirror
  • Finishing, Hot Manifolds/Hot Sprue
  • Shuttle/Insert
  • Handloads/Auto Slides/Lifters with Lead Times as Short as One Week
  • PPAP Capable Parts with Soft Tooling