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Prototype Tooling

Did you know...

Quantum Mold & Engineering can ship parts world wide with a 2 day UPS/FedEx Lead time.

You can count on us to help identify and implement the best solutions to your most challenging needs. Our in-house tooling facility focuses on fast turnaround with deliveries from 1 to 6 weeks based on the complexity of your project. We can create functional prototype parts which allow you to enter your market schedules early and secure your manufacturing goal without breaking your budget.

Made out of aluminum materials using hand loads, this molding option simulates the actual performance of production parts. Test runs and demonstrations of your specific application allow for a product that is ready for design verification. Without investing in hard tooling, time and efforts can be spent on recognizing issues early in the manufacturing process in order to create a seamless transition into full production.

Many prototype options are available to you, and every project is unique. Our flexibility in prototype sampling includes a variety of resin to choose from. In order to find the right form and fit for the durometer of your component, we can provide the guidance to select the material that will enhance your design and its function.

Well-known in the industry as a fast and economical way to replicate the result you need without the expense or lead time associated with full production tooling, prototype tooling makes low-volume parts a viable option as your project develops. When cost-effective alternatives for testing your part are a necessity, even as a PPAP production-capable part, we highly recommend a prototype phase.

Prototype Molds/Bridge Tooling

  • Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel
  • S-7 Steel, P-20 Steel, H-13 Steel
  • Standard/Metric, Class A Texture/Mirror
  • Finishing, Hot Manifolds/Hot Sprue
  • Shuttle/Insert
  • Handloads/Auto Slides/Lifters with Lead Times as Short as One Week
  • PPAP Capable Parts with Soft Tooling